Simona Jovic

Dancer - Actress

Simona Jović is an internationally renowned Serbian/Czech dancer and actress based in Paris. Her artistic work and research focuses mainly on women dances from the Eastern world and Mediterranean region. As a soloist dancer, she has been performing worldwide for over 15 years, in venues such as Palais des Beaux-Arts (Brussels), Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts (New Delhi), Institut du monde arabe (Paris), Auditorium BAnQ (Montreal), Teatro colonial (Buenos Aires) and many others. She was the first dancer invited to perform in the European Parliament Hemicycle in Strasbourg.

For several years, she was a dance teacher in the prestigious Paris Marais Dance school. Job she left in order to travel and focus on her artistic career that includes performances, workshops, as well collaborations in theatre plays and movies. She has completed the acting training at Actors studio and studied singing at Centre vocal de Paris.

Simona Jović is fluent in 4 languages : Serbo-Croatian, French, English and Czech.