Simona Jovic

Dancer - Singer - Actress

Simona Jović is an internationally renowned Serbian/Czech performing artist based in Paris. She is a professional dancer, and also a singer and actress. She is considered one of the world's greatest experts on Gypsy dances. She performs these internationally as well as other world dances such as Indian, Central Asian, Middle-Eastern or the dances of the Balkans where she grew up.

Simona is the creator of the Dances of Joy project, which is inspired by traditional music and dances, but focuses on their initial purpose – to create a space for expression and for an inner experience that influences our daily lives.

She has been performing and offering intensive training worldwide for more than 15 years. She has also organised dozens of dance, music and culture tours to different countries.

Simona Jović studied singing at Centre Vocal de Paris and for many years she was the main singer and dancer of the group Romano Horo. She has also completed acting training at the Actors Studio and performed in several movies and plays.