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Simona Jovic Dancer

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Originate from the Balkans, Simona Jovic is an internationally acclaimed first source dance artist, choreographer, and actress.


She conducted years of anthropological researches in the field, immersing herself in traditional, spiritual, and healing music and dance celebrations, ceremonies, and rituals in the Eastern world and across the globe. And she has been sharing her discoveries, knowledge, and experience in performances, seminars, workshops, and conferences all over the world for the past 20 years.

She performed all over the world, as a soloist dancer or in collaboration with other world music and dance artists. In venues such as Palais des beaux-arts (Brussels), Institut du monde Arabe (Paris), Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts (New Delhi), Auditorium BAnQ (Montreal), Teatro colonial (Buenos Aires), and many others.

She has organized dozens of cultural dance trips in India, Armenia, Turkey, Greece, Brazil, as well as several Balkan and Eastern European countries.

She accomplished actor training at Actors studio and played in many theater plays, movies, and musicals.

Simona Jovic is the founder of the Dances of Joy project.

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Simona Jovic in India

Thar Desert - Photo Maxime Devos