Winterthur, Switzerland - June 22nd and 23rd, 2019

Women dances - Power and Joy !

Saturday : Balkans, Greece & Turkey immersion
10am to 5pm

Whether they are Gypsy or Ethno, in the Balkan region many dances are still practiced daily as a way to celebrate life and to transcend it. Solo or danced in circles and spirals, they connect people of all ages and create a beautiful space for everyone to express themselves and to experience a moment of inner peace and joy. The seminar will include traditional dances as well as fusions created by Simona and it will be a beautiful and very rich feminine, musical and cultural journey to Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and Turkey.

Sunday : Middle-East & Silk Road inspiration
10am to 5pm

Connect to the power of our guts, open up, free ourselves and dance ! Dance our power and our joy as women on inspiring melodies of Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan... The Sunday workshop will focus on traditional movement as an intimate and deep experience. Whether they are soft, sensual, playful or deeply grounded, Simona Jovic will teach dance sequences that will be inspired by Middle-Eastern and Silk road dance elements and that each dancer will explore individually and in connection with the energy of the group.

All levels are welcome !

Pricing :

Full Workshop, 2 days : 270 CHF / 220 CHF (early registration until 20. April)
1 Day : 150 CHF / 120CHF (early registration until 20. April)

Venue : Bewegungshaus Unisono, Stadthausstr. 61, 8400 Winterthur. Switzerland

Schedule : Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm

Contact : Mirjanah Dance Art -

About Simona Jović

Simona Jović is an internationally renowned Serbian/Czech performing artist based in Paris. She is considered one of the world's greatest experts on Gypsy dances in which she trained thousands of dancers all over the world. She performs these internationally as well as other world dances such as Indian, Central Asian, Middle-Eastern or the dances of the Balkans where she grew up.

Simona is the creator of the Dances of Joy project, which is inspired by traditional music and dances, but focuses on their initial purpose – to create a space for expression and for an inner experience that influences our daily lives.

She has been offering dance intensives worldwide for more than 15 years. She has also organised dozens of dance, music and culture tours to different countries such as India, Armenia, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Tunisia, Montenegro...

For more information visit Simona's website or her official Facebook page

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