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Simona Jovic sings the world
Simona Jovic & musicians

simona chante le monde

Accompanied by her musicians, Simona Jovic, will take you into her own original world of music. Her songs are inspired by various styles. She writes the lyrics and the music herself and together with Malik Ati, a composer and producer for television, who plays several instruments and creates musical arrangements. Simona Jovic’s songs are modern and inspired by her trips. Being a passionate world traveller, she gives her music colours and sounds of foreign cultures and creates thus an original style. At the same time, Simona Jovic gives a graceful performance with elegant dances in long fairy-like dresses as well as more dynamic rhythms in colourful ethnic costumes.


Ethnic Dance Fest
Simona Jovic, Miriam Peretz & Helene Eriksen


Three internationally known dancers, each original in her own way, are performing together for the first time and presenting a colourful and emotional show: Miriam Peretz (Israel), Simona Jovic (Serbia/Czech Rep.) and Helene Eriksen (USA). They will take you on the Silk Road from Rajasthan to the Roms of Europe, passing through Central Asia and North Africa, in the core of nomad cultures.

Simona Jovic solo dance performance


EthnicSimona Jovic’s solo dance is called "Migrations". “With these interwoven, pure dances”, Simona Jovic tells her own story - that of a traveller. With her inspiration that comes from her vast knowledge of nomad traditions from Asia and Europe that she acquired during her numerous trips, Simona Jovic crosses centuries, cultures and continents. She interlaces traditional and ethnic elements with her own, more contemporary, vision of the dances. She is alone on stage, however “accompanied” by images and rare and beautiful music.
“She does not only show technique and steps, but brings forth a culture and a mood, in which joy and sadness are present at the same time…” (le Quotidien de la Réunion).