Simona Jovic was born on January 25th 1977 in Most, Czech Republic. At age 6 she moves with her parents and her sister to Montenegro, where she spends most of her childhood.

Very early on, thanks to her father who has a passion for traditional music from the Balkans, especially Roma music, she starts to sing. At the same time she becomes a model and does fashion catwalks until age 18. She then decides to go to Belgrade and start her studies of French literature and language, which she pursues for three years. During this time she becomes more and more interested in theatre and dancing and starts serious training.

In 1999 she leaves the Balkans and goes to Paris to pursue her literary studies at the
University of Sorbonne Nouvelle. Finally, she decides to dedicate herself entirely to her
passion: the arts of the stage. She performs in theatre plays, sings international songs and songs from the Balkans. However, her greatest passion remains dancing.

After three years in Paris she moves to Reunion Island, where she gives dancing classes and from where she starts travelling to encounter Roma and nomad cultures in India, Central Asia, North Africa and in Europe. She explores their traditions and specialises in Roma dances. This path leads her to stages all over the world, to conferences, as well as press articles in which she talks about Roma culture and history. She is even given the title of “The Ambassador of the Roma”. Her dances were registered for the official archives of the Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts in New Delhi, national depository of Indian culture and arts under the protection of the ministry of culture She is also the first dancer in the history of the European Council in Strasbourg to have performed in the Hemicycle during an official ceremony.

When she returns to France, Simona Jovic becomes a regular teacher of dance at the Centre de danse de Marais in Paris. At the same time, she takes singing classes with Morgan Smith at the Centre Vocal de Paris, as well as acting classes in the Actors Studio. After several years she leaves teaching, but continues organizing workshops, and dedicates herself entirely to her singing, acting and dancing career.

She is surrounded by talented musicians, composes her own music and creates her original artistic universe that reflects her cosmopolitan experience.

Simona Jovic speaks 4 languages : French, English, Serbian and Czech.

Simona Jovic BIO